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Baroque Velvet
Chestnut Arabian Gelding
April 1 1991

Velvet is both an experienced endurance horse and a Class A Champion Halter horse. In 2001 and 2002 he completed 8 AERC Limited Distance 25-mile rides, with 6 Top 10s, 1 first place (out of 82 horses) and 1 Best Condition. His last ride, they did the wrong trail on the 2nd loop and actually finished in time after riding a total of 37 miles, but they did not get a completion because they were on the wrong trail. But, his owner was really happy because he looked great after 37 miles and was certainly "fit to continue". She was ready to begin conditioning him for 50s, but due to a divorce and subsequent loss of horse transportation, she has not been able to continue competing with him. He loves going down the trail and is really a fun horse to ride. Velvet has a natural arch to his neck and flexes perfectly at the poll. He always carriers himself with a "look at me!" attitude, tail flagged and head and neck up and flexed with his face almost on the vertical even on a loose rein. Velvet is a 13 yr old, 15 hand gelding with substance. He is muscular, sound and has good bone. He is the perfect age for someone that doesn't want to go through the "green horse" stage. It would not take long to get him back in shape to start competing again. He would also make a great horse for someone that just wants a horse to have fun with on the trail. He is sired by Mr. Houstonian, a Champion English Pleasure horse sired by Houston, a National Champion Formal Driving and U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Park Horse. Velvet learns quickly and would be easy to train for the show ring too.

Baroque Velvet
Mr Houstnian
Houston *Aladdinn
Vashtii *Sakr
Donna Hope
Don Fergen Don Fersheba
Sunny Acres Genevieve
Zureyna Cay-Fereyn

Oct 2004 Photo Album

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