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SEG Tornado Star
April 21 1996 Bay Arabian Mare
AHR 0602160

 Walk-Trot Beginning Rider Lesson Horse
 People oriented, loves to be groomed and fussed over
 Shown Class A Halter and Native Costume
Raises confident, people oriented foals

Sells with a breeding to Envoy BBF+ ($1,000 value)

We purchased Tora because she was a wonderful riding horse and exactly what we were looking for to breed to our stallion, Envoy BBF+. She has a beautiful halter horse head and neck, but the substance and correct confirmation of an athletic sport horse. She had already qualified for the Regional Championships in Eastern Canada in Halter and Native Costume.

The first 2 years we owned her, she worked as our lesson horse for beginning riders learning how to post. Her trot is smooth, steady and long, which is perfect for learning posting. She also has a light mouth and responds easily to the lightest cues, great for teaching new riders how to have good hands. She loves being groomed and handled too. When you rub her with a rubber curry comb or your fingers, she will vigoursly rub you too with her upper lip. She is the first horse we have had that responds to grooming with mutual grooming of her owner!

After her 1st 2 yrs with us, she produced 2 wonderful fillies by Envoy, born in 2005 and 2006. Tora is very people oriented and allowed us to handle her babies as much as we wanted from the very beginning. At only 2 days of age, both of her foals would come to us in the pasture. They will whinny for us as soon as they see us and come running to be petted.

Tora has a lot of confidence and passes that trait on to her babies. They are both fearless and curious, the type that will get into everything. They also both have the beautiful head and athletic confirmation of their sire and dam. Tora measures just over 15 hands and weighs 1000 lbs in fit condition. She has a wide chest with a sloping shoulder, good withers, a deep heart girth and a large powerful hindquarter. We had her heart measured by ultrasound because she has a low resting pulse of 26 bpm and the test showed her to have a heart size 20% larger than the average heart (Perfect for endurance or racing!).

The undersaddle videos were taken after not being ridden since the birth of Encore in 2006 and she rode as if we had ridden her yesterday.

To see more photos of Envoy BBF+ and the 2 foals she produced, click Here, to see HSC Envoy's Pistolera and HSC Encore. Envoy is a Top Ten U.S. Nationals Sport Horse In-Hand, '98 & '99 TX Race Colt of the Year, Region 9 Top 5 Halter Horse, Champion Hunter Pleasure and Top 10 Endurance Horse. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a combination gentle riding horse and wonderful broodmare and raise your own confident, affectionate, playful, athletic foal from one of the top stallions in the country. The breeding can be used at any time. Shipped semen is available.


SEG Tornado Star
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