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Aprils Nasir ''Sterling''
15H Grey Arabian Gelding

      • Excellent Endurance Prospect
      • Surefooted on the trail
      • Egyptian bloodlines
      • Athletic, large boned

Sterling has the look of a good endurance horse. He has good feet and large cannon bones. His front cannon bones measure 8 inches and his rear cannon bones are 8 1/2 inches. He has been raised entirely on pasture, which has made him very surefooted on the trail. Sterling is a lean, strong athletic horse that will do very well in endurance. He has a good strong trot on the trail and really enjoys his trail work. He was started under saddle this summer at our endurance training barn and we still consider him to be a ''green'' horse. He is ready for a 25 mile endurance ride and with a couple of months conditioning could be ready for his first 50. If you are looking for a good endurance prospect that just needs a little conditioning, come ride with us and give Sterling a try.


Aprils Nasir ''Sterling'' HA Hassan
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