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DK Shadow Dancer
Foaled 7-12-2000, AHR 0588269
15 Hand Grey Gelding
970 lbs
7 1/2” front and 8 1/2” rear Canon Bones
3 black hooves, one parti-colored hoof

· Under saddle 3 years
· Started under saddle by a professional natural horsemanship trainer
· Calm, gentle, trail horse

Shadow has been had the same owner since he was 4 months old. Very early in life he learned to come when he was called and still responds by being the first one to the fence when you call “come on babies”. Shadow is a very sweet horse with a soft eye and a willing attitude. He is very trusting and really tries to please. He was started under saddle as a 4 yr old with natural horsemanship methods and has been ridden on the trails ever since. He crosses water, mud and watches his footing carefully. Shadow has been ridden locally at the LBJ National Grasslands and has traveled as far as Arkansas to be ridden on the Bar 50 ranch trails. He has been ridden for the past 3 years in a hackamore, but is shown in his videos with a bit. When we bridled him with a bit for the first time since his initial training, he opened his mouth easily to take the bit and did not chomp the bit the way most horses do that are not used to carrying a bit. Shadow is a large boned, substantially built horse. His gaits are smooth and he responds with smooth gait transitions as soon as you cue him. Watch his video and you will see how quickly he stops, even from the canter. Shadow walks quietly into the trailer and backs out easily. He also stands calmly tied to the trailer.

His owner has developed bad knees and has decided she needs to change to a gaited horse, otherwise she would never part with him. Shadow will make a wonderful horse for trail riding, competitive trail or endurance. He has the substance, large bones and smooth gaits preferred in endurance and the good mind and trainability that is valued in competitive trail. He also has good confirmation and handling for a working western horse. So, you could train him for team penning, reining or working cow horse.



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