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June 7 1997 Bay Arabian Gelding

50 – Mile Endurance Horse

  • Foaled 6-7-97
  • 14.3 hand, 950 lb gelding with good substance and very correct confirmation
  • Has completed 2 middle-of-the-pack 50-mile endurance rides
  • Has also completed several 25-mile rides at a slow pace
  • His Dam also produced DJB Mercy Merci, who was 1st place & BC in the Region 9 100-mile ride in 2006, 2007 and 2008, 3rd in the AHA National Championship 100-mile ride in 07, and 5th in the AERC National Championship 100-mile ride in 2006. Except for the National Championship rides, she has been 1st or 2nd in every ride in 2006 through 2008
  • His Sire is a full brother to Sambor, in the Racing Hall of Fame, is one of the top US Arabian20racing sires


Seer has a lot of potential as a top competitor in endurance. He was put under saddle in August 2007 and has been trained very well and started with slow rides, with the goal in mind to train him well instead of place up front. He has now completed 2 50-mile rides. He voluntarily cantered across the finish line in his first 50 in a 7-hour ride time. Within a few minutes after crossing the finish line, his CRI was 12/13 and he received 1 B and the rest were As on his vet card. He is ready for someone to continue his conditioning and go on eventually to multi-days or 100s.

Seer is a forward moving horse with a long flowing stride. You can see in his videos that he has strong hindquarters to propel him forward and very free shoulder movement that allows his front legs to really reach out. Seer is easy to ride and control. He does not have any vices or bad habits. He eats and drinks very well in camp and will drink out of streams and mud holes on trail after about 10 to 15 miles. He looks for guidance and confidence from his rider. He is very responsive to light aids, is easy to pace, quick on his feet and quick to respond to cues. He understands that light leg pressure from one leg means to move to the other side of the trail, will slow his pace when the rider slows their posting and will canter when you sit with one leg slightly behind the girth. His working trot is 9 to 10 mph. He can also travel down the trail at a 6 to 8 mph trot, whichever you prefer. He prefers to lead, but will also follow or stay in position in a group. He does not kick at other horses on trail.


He cross ties, stands tied to the trailer, and stands quietly for the farrier and bathing. He loads and unloads quietly and confidently and hauls easily.  He is also used to wearing a winter blanket and has no stall vices. In the pasture, he is not aggressive towards other horses, but will stand up for himself.

Seer is pure Polish and bred to be an endurance horse. His sire *Sabson, imported from Poland, is a full brother to the Racing Hall of Fame stallion, Sambor. Seer's dam also produced one of Darolyn Butler's best endurance horses, the great mare, DJB Mercy Merci. 




Czort Wielki Szlem
*Sabellina Abu Afas
No Mercy
Bask- O- Zel *Bask
Brusally Orzeluba
Marija *Kluszyn
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