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Registered Akhal-Teke Palomino Gelding


  • Foaled March 17, 2002 at the Akhal-Servis Stud in Russia
  • Imported from Moscow, Russia to Canada in 2004
  • Traveled with Kantemiorov Productions, a Russian Theatrical show with horses, to SouthFork Ranch in Texas
  • Currently residing at a boarding facility in the DFW area mainly catering to eventing horses


  • 15 hands
  • 920 lbs on Farnum Weight Tape
  • Large boned – 8” front canon bones, 9” rear canon bones
  • Excellent Endurance Prospect


Sandal is registered as a Palomino, but with the gray hairs in his mane and tail he almost appears to be a light colored buckskin. His current owner purchased him for her daughter, but has decided he is a little too much horse for her. He is a very fun horse to ride and he does like to get up and go. He is also sensitive, affectionate, and intelligent. We are not sure what type of riding or training he had prior to his current owner. But, you can see in his video he is a forward moving horse, with a long stride. He tries hard to do what the rider requests and is responsive to cues, so he will be fine for an intermediate rider with confidence. He will back and move sideways from the leg. Sandal also hauls fine and has good ground manners. Sandal loved going out on the trail when we did his video. He was great in the lead and in any part of the group on the trail, front, middle or back. But, it was his first time on the trail, so he will need more time on the trail to gain enough confidence to be ridden alone. He is also the perfect age to begin conditioning and competing.


We normally do not market non-Arabian horses, but this is a rare breed that was bred in the desert for endurance and does extremely well in our sport. The Akhal-Teke has bloodline records as far back as the Arabian breed. They are from Turkmenistan, formerly Turkmenia. Turkmenistan is 9/10s desert and the Turkmen people bred horses for stamina and endurance in the harsh conditions of the desert. They preferred the buckskin and palomino color for its camouflage effect against the desert background. The breed became popular in Russia as the choice for Calvary horses. In 1935, Turkmen rode 15 Akhal-Tekes and Akhal-Teke Thoroughbred crosses 2500 miles from Ashgabat, Turkmenia to Moscow in 84 days crossing 235 miles of desert without water. The purebred Akhal-Tekes outperformed the crosses so much that the Russians decided to keep the breed pure. The breed type has a greyhound type body, with an upright neck and a deep chest and heart girth. They are also known to be large boned with good hooves. Like the Arabian they are thin skinned and do very well in the heat. All of these are great characteristics for the sport of endurance riding. In the US the breed has also been popular for jumping.




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