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HK Fifth Avenue

· 14.2 hand registered Arabian Mare
· 900 lbs
· Fits Sharon Saare B tree
· Foaled 5/23/2003
· 3/4 Russian 1/4 Polish Bloodlines
· Granddaughter of both the famous, imported US National Champion *Muscat & the imported *Marsianin
· Basic training with a dressage trainer
· Currently in training at Spirit of Texas Arabians

Saks is an absolutely gorgeous mare with perfect confirmation, a classic head and a very thick wavy mane and tail. She is a spirited, flashy mare at liberty, but very easy to ride and handle. We love the way she naturally curves her neck and carriers herself when ridden. She is also a good broodmare candidate with her bloodlines. Almost every stallion in her pedigree can be found in the Arabian Legends book: Muscat, Salon, Negativ, Naseem, Priboj, Aswan, Nazeer, Arax, Comet, Witraz, Ofir, Nabor, Skorage, Abu Afas and Amurath-Sahib. Also, Kilimandscharo was a Russian bred stallion standing in Germany that produced many really good Arabian race horses.

Saks rides really well in the arena and with her natural head carriage and gaits, she could easily compete in either traditional dressage or western dressage. It is rare to find an Arabian that naturally carries themselves with a curved neck and an uplifted back while riding, which is why she could be shown in western dressage. She could also be shown in western pleasure, but that would not be her cup of tea. She loves to work and prefers to be moving out and going somewhere. She backs well and will move sideways from the leg. Her trot is very smooth. It is easy to sit her slow trot and she has a beautiful rocking horse canter. She is well behaved, cross ties, bathes, loads and unloads easily from a trailer, stands quietly for the farrier, tacking up, etc. She has not been hauled much, so she gets nervous and sweats in the trailer, so she needs more short trips preferably with a buddy horse to get more use to trailering. She loves trail riding and is very good in a group of horses, in the lead or following. She crosses logs and other obstacles fine. She is a very intelligent horse and if you let her think about something you have asked her to do, she will figure it out and give it a try. In her training we are working on opening and closing gates (she gets better every time), getting her feet wet (we have ponds, but no creeks with water for this part), separating from the other horses and riding out alone. When following the other horses on the trail, she could actually be ridden by a novice rider as a "guest horse". But, she needs an intermediate rider for the arena work and riding in the lead on the trail, because she is very light on her cues. You just barely touch the reins or give a very light squeeze with your leg and she will respond immediately just like she has been trained to do. She has not spooked when on the trail in a group, even if she is in the lead. Like any Arab I'm sure we could find something for her to spook at, but so far she has been very brave. But, to leave the group and go another direction or to ride alone on the trail, you will need to be an assertive, confident rider or Saks will "just say no". If she knows and trusts you, she will go alone, but she has to have a lot of reassurance.

Saks is perfect for the person that is looking for a beautiful mare that can go to the trails one weekend and the show ring the following weekend. You could also probably try out the limited distance endurance rides or competitive trail. Competitive trail would be the perfect place to start her out in competition. We think she would like figuring out how to do the obstacles and then trotting on down the trail. You will probably like her so much that you may decide to breed her and create your own next horse partner. Her owner bred and raised her and of course has become attached to her, so a very good home is important. She would love to keep her, but needs to reduce the number of horses on her farm.



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