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HSC American Dream

  • Foaled May 18, 2005
  • 15 Hand Bay Gelding
  • Placed 13 th out of 68 horses in his first 25-mile AERC endurance ride on Oct 16, 2010
  • Placed 12 th out of over 20+ horses in the 25 on Nov 6 th, in training for a 50 in December
  • Raised and trained at Spirit of Texas Arabians for trail and endurance riding
  • Breeders Sweepstakes
  • Exceptional Bloodlines

American Dream’s barn name is Saber. He is a very beautiful dark bay gelding with a soft eye and a sweet disposition. He likes to nuzzle you and give horse smooches. He also enjoys going out on the trail, whether you are walking along enjoying the scenery or gliding through the trees at a fast trot. His trot is graceful and ground covering and his canter is smooth with a long stride. So, the rider just barely has to post at the trot and can easily sit his rocking chair canter.


American Dream was bred to be a show horse. His bloodlines are incredible. He is sired by Magic Dream, by Ali Jamal. From 1997 to 2004, Magic Dream was ranked in the “Top Five” sires of halter winners world wide. With only 7 foals on the ground, in 1997 he became the number one sire of yearling Top Ten Scottsdale winners and in 1999 he was on the leading sires list for halter winners at both US and Canadian National Championships. American Dream’s dam’s sire, US Reserve National Champion, Alada Baskin, was sired by *Aladdinn, one of the top 3 leading Arabian sires of all time.


We purchased American Dream as a weanling and have handled him daily since that time. He has been under saddle since April 2009 and ridden on the trails since January 2010. He was hauled to the trails on a weekly basis from January through May of 2010 so he loads quickly and hauls calmly in a trailer. We started conditioning him for endurance in June 2010, riding him 2 to 3 times per week on the trail for distances of 5 to 18 miles each. One of his trail rides each week is a quiet trail ride, ridden mostly at a walk. He completed his first AERC endurance ride October 16, 2010, the Armadillo Ride with our 5 yr old stallion, who was also doing his first ride. We hauled 5 hours to get to the camp. As soon as he arrived, he drank a full bucket of water and starting eating his hay. He was relaxed in camp and ate and drank very well. The ride consisted of 2 13-mile loops on mostly flat, single track trail through the pine forests of East Texas. We maintained a steady 7 mph working trot throughout the ride, completing the 1 st loop in an hour and 45 minutes and the same loop the 2 nd time in 1 hour and 34 minutes. Out of 68 horses entered in the 25-mile distance, we placed 13th. He finished with all As and a few A-s on his vet card and a CRI of 15/13. I was also really pleased that he walked quietly across a wooden bridge as soon as I asked. He did just as well in his 2 nd ride, finishing with all As and a CRI of 12/12 within 1 minute of finishing, looking like he hadn’t done anything. We are now increasing his training mileage to prepare him for his 1 st 50 in December. He has been ridden alone or in groups and is fine either way. He will travel in the lead, in the back or in the middle of a group of horses and is just as comfortable in any position within the group. We have also taken dogs on the trail with us, which doesn’t bother him. Saber stands still for mounting, tacking up, farrier work, bathing, clipping, etc. He knows voice commands for whoa, back, walk, trot, and canter. He walks through creeks on the trail and is good about drinking at watering holes on trail and being sponged. Saber is generally calm and relaxed and you may ride him on the trail 3 or 4 times before you see him spook, but because he is a young horse and does occasionally spook we are requiring an intermediate level rider for him. Also, although he is 15 hands, he is slender and can move better and more easily with a lighter rider. So, in addition to being an intermediate rider, you should weigh 145 lbs or less. If you think Saber might be a good fit for you, give us a call and we’ll set up a time for a trail ride.




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