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Red Raistlin
May 29 1999 Chestnut Half-Arabian Gelding
2A 340369
7.5" Front Cannon Bones
8"Rear Cannon Bones

      • 14.3 hd,
      • 5 yr old chestnut gelding,
      • Foaled 5-29-99
      • Completed Blue Bonnet Classic 25-mile Endurance Ride
      • 2nd Place in two Intro Dressage Tests in 2005
      • 12 yr old student rides him at walk, trot & canter

Red Raistlin is a registered 3/4 Arabian gelding. The 4th generation of his pedigree includes the famous horses Bay-Abi (Sheila Varian’s foundation sire who sired Huckleberry Bey), Ferseyn, Abu Farwa (who is in the bloodlines of several good endurance horses), and *Aramus. He has had very good basic all-around training from his owner / trainer. As proof of his good trail training, he completed the 25-mile distance at the AERC Blue Bonnet Classic in April of 2005. He also placed second in 2 Intro (walk-trot) Dressage tests at a local schooling show this year. Red is also currently being ridden by a 12 yr old student in walk, trot, and canter lessons. Red’s owner enjoys raising horses to maturity and then giving them the right start with her special British style combination dressage, jumping, and trail riding training before offering them for sale. You can rest assured that Red has been correctly trained since the beginning. If you are looking for a young horse with a great start Red would be a good choice. He also meets the criteria that endurance riders look for in a prospect: 7 ½” front canon bones, 8” rear canon bones, 930 lbs (good sized heart girth), and already has the “first ride” completed with a nice slow time of 4 hrs and 41 minutes. Red has smooth gaits and is a pleasure to ride.



Red Raistlin
Deans Pride HAHR
Shorty (Grade)
Tequila Surprise AHR
FL Lady Diana AHR
Flirtations Pride
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