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HSC Sergeant Ptersk
3/31/2000 Bay Arabian Gelding
AERC # 39488

· In professional training since April 2006
· Completed 6 limited distance AERC rides, 100% completions
· Completed a multi-day (25 miles @ day) ride
· Completed one night time 25 mile ride (start time 8:00 PM)
· April 28th, 2007 completed a 55-mile AERC ride with very difficult creek crossings
· 15.1 hands and 1/2" , 1000 lbs in fit condition, fits a Sharon Saare E Tree

Ptersk (pronounced Tersk) is our personal horse. We are selling 3 of our personal horses to cut back to 10. He has been started easily putting in long slow distance miles, learning how to watch his footing, pace himself, and eat and drink on the trail and in camp. He is very responsive to the rider, listens and is sensitive to the lightest cues. He is comfortable passing, being passed, leading, following, or traveling in the middle of a group of horses. We led the controlled start twice and he was fine with pulling off trail letting the other horses gallop and trot past us. He crosses creeks and will stand in the middle of them and drink at each crossing. We have ridden at a steady 6 to 7 mile an hour pace with walk breaks over all rocky or difficult terrain. We have been gradually reducing the walk breaks, but keeping the same steady trot pace, which has gradually reduced our ride time, even though each ride has been slightly more difficult in elevation, steepness and amount of rock. He is now ready to move up to 50s. Ptersk prefers to trot at 6 to 7 miles an hour and will canter if asked for a bigger gait or more speed. However, because of his balanced athletic confirmation his pulse is the same at the canter as it is at the trot. I suspect that if he were conditioned to become a top ten 50-mile horse, he would prefer to canter most of the ride. He is really fun to ride in the arena. He showed an early talent for working western style riding. He will stop on a dime from walk, trot or canter and does correct rollbacks from the trot. He performs turn on the forehand and turn on the hindquarters correctly and balanced. He will also leg yield easily both directions at the walk. He canters easily and smoothly, picking up the correct lead. Ptersk is a sensitive horse with a large soft eye. He was nervous when we first started working with him. He gets his confidence from his trust in his rider. He likes to be near his rider and will practically snuggle with you when standing beside you in the vet checks. For that reason, he needs a rider that he can bond with and build trust and that knows how to ride well enough to cue him lightly. He is very quick on his feet and responsive to cues, so we recommend an intermediate rider. Because he takes care of himself and is easily managed on the trail, we think he is an excellent candidate for someone wanting a multi-day endurance horse or someone that likes competitive trail. We have also followed cattle on the trail and he was totally unafraid of them. With is talent for working western movements; he would also make a great team penning or working cow horse. Ptersk is a grandson of National Champion *Aladdin and the great Russian race horse *Ptersk.


HSC Sergeant Ptersk

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*Ptersk Nabeg
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