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DA Propane
March 12 1998 15.1H Chestnut Arabian Gelding

      • Great horse for the Parelli enthusiast
      • 450 Endurance Miles in 50-mile rides, 5 Top Tens, 2 High Vet Sco
      • 225 Limited Distance Miles in AERC rides, 4 Top Tens
      • Sweepstakes Nominated, National Champion bloodlines

Propane is one of the best-trained horses you will ever see. Click on his arena video clips to watch Propane performing arena patterns at the walk, trot and canter, halting from all gaits, turning on the forehand, turning on the hindquarter, backing, leg yielding at the trot and sidepassing all without a bridle or halter. You will also not find a better-trained horse for the trail. You can open gates from horseback, cross creeks and wooden bridges or ride through the concrete tunnel at Lake Ray Roberts. He is unafraid of barking dogs, traffic, bicycles, hikers and other trail monsters. His great impulsion propels him up steep hills, his long stride covers the ground on the flat and he just glides through narrow passages through the trees. He responds willingly to the lightest cues. He is just as happy on a quiet trail ride or flying down the trail. He responds to the voice commands, “walk, trot, canter, back, whoa, stand, and pick up” (for lifting a hoof). He has completed 19 endurance rides with 8 Top 10s.

Propane is the perfect horse for someone that rides well, but values and enjoys a well-trained horse with a good mind. He would be a great horse for someone that loves trail riding, may want to do a few endurance rides and is wanting to pursue Parelli certifications, because he is so responsive, sensitive to cues and willing to please.

He is a beautiful horse with a large soft trusting eye and a willing heart. He tries very hard to please his rider. Propane has the biggest trot I have ever ridden, so he is not a horse for someone that does not already know how to post well. His sire was a 2-time National Champion Native Costume Horse. Zodiac Matador is a National Champion Park Horse. Propane’s dam, Fire Magic also produced Mamage by Zodiac Matador. Propane’s ¾ brother, Mamage is an 8-time National Champion (4 of those were in the Youth 13 and under class).


Sold- Exported to Canada!

DA Propane
Zodiac Matador
Car-ine Nahari
CF Fire Magic
Four Winds Tempest
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