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Tikimai Naborzel
AHR 561276 Grey Arabian Mare

Foaled May 2, 1998

* 14.2 hand, solidly built mare
* Champion Class A Western Pleasure Open and Junior Horse at the Oklahoma State Fair
* Trained by Gordon Potts
* Sells with a paid breeding to Envoy BBF++, see our stallion page for more information on Envoy
* Sweet mare, calm and gentle enough for beginners and children
* Owner has ridden her mainly on local equestrian trails

Tikimai Naborzel, barn name Mazie, is a very sweet gentle horse that is perfect for someone wanting a pretty mare to spend hours riding the trails. She has a very pretty head with a large soft eye, but a very substantial body. As you can see, Mazie is an easy keeper, but even slim and trim she will have a large chest and very powerful hindquarter. Large hindquarters are great for riding in the hills. Because of her substance, she doesn't feel like a small horse when you are riding. Mazie will come to you in the pasture and likes being petted. She stands quietly in place while you groom her, pick up her feet, give her a bath or tack her up. She is gentle enough that her owners have led her around the yard while she carried small children on their very first horse ride. She is the perfect horse for someone that loves the beauty of the Arabian horse and is looking for a nice calm trail riding partner. Watch her video and see how easy she is to get on and off, perfect for the shorter rider that is out on the trail without a mounting block in sight. She also still remembers her Western Pleasure training. Watch her video for her smooth jog trot. You can ride with your Quarter horse friends and have a smoother ride to sit than them. Her lope is nice and smooth too. So, if you have young children that you want to teach to ride the canter as well as both the sitting and posting trot, she would be a nice horse to teach them.

Tikimai Naborzel sells with a future breeding to our stallion, Envoy BBF++. If you would like to raise an Arabian athlete with a great mind, here is your opportunity. You do not have to exercise your right to breed next Spring, you can wait until the right time for you.

Mazie's owner is forced to sell all of her horses, because her husband who was the horse person in the family, has recently passed away. Mazie was his favorite mare and will only sell to a very good home. If you need a companion horse to go with her, please ask us about their older mares.

$5000 ( includes the paid breeding to Envoy BBF++)

Tikimai Naborzel

Brusally Orzaborr
*Orzell Pietuszok Priboj
Ofirka Ofir
Fryga II
Brusally Naborrla *Naborr Negativ
*Bulawa Laur
Kontiki Naborreem
Tiki Lark Kontiki Camelot++
Al Miki
Skylarka Ku Izkar
Naborreem Naborro++ *Naborr
Farose *Faraon++
Rose of rossanek

Photo Album

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