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TF Marina
February 2 1997 14.3H Chestnut Arabian Mare

 Started in 25-mile AERC endurance rides in 2005
 Professionally trained
 Sweet disposition, comes to you in the pasture
 Large Heart girth, large boned, size 1 shoe
 Beautiful dished head that she passes on to her foals

Marina is an athletic mare that can match the strides and keep up with our much taller endurance horses. In fit condition, her girth measures over 900 lbs on our Farnum weight tape. Her front cannon bones measure 7 1/2'' in circumference and she wears a size one shoe. She was bred by a large Arabian racing farm that dispersed their herd during an estate sale. So she was bred to be an athlete. She also has a very pretty dished typey head and large eye, so she is a real beauty. Marina has had 4 months of professional training with a lot of trail work. She entered her first 30-mile AERC ride in November and is entered in her next 25-mile ride in December. We plan to move her up to 50s in 2006 if she has not found a new partner by then. Marina is very sweet and affectionate and will come to you in the pasture. She was very easy to train, learning quickly and seeming to really enjoy the trail work. As athletic as she is, she also has the potential to compete successfully in western events, working cattle or team penning. She would also do well in dressage for a youth or small rider. She has the perfect temperament to make a good youth horse (although she has not had enough training for a beginner at this point). She is also a perfect fit for the shorter rider, that wants a horse that is easy to get on, but can keep up with their friend's larger horses on the trail, whether you plan to compete in endurance, competitive trail or just enjoy your horse on overnight camp outs and trail rides. Marina has produced 3 foals in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Her first 2 foals have been sold, but her chestnut filly, WWA Belle Starr foaled March 2, 2003 is also available for purchase.


TF Marina
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