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PSA Maelorwen
Bay Mare
Foaled Feb 10, 2001

  • Breeders Sweepstakes
  • Sired by National Champion, Llewellyn Fawr and out of the Champion Halter mare, PSA Madrigal
  • Granddaughter of The Minstril
  • 14.3 hands, over 1100 lbs currently, but should be under 1000 lbs
  • 7 ¼” front cannon bones, 8” rear cannon bones
  • Loves the trail and riding outside of the arena
  • Enjoys jumping small jumps up to 24 inches
  • Shown dressage through 1st level with scores above 60, - a very well trained mare looking for a career change
  • Great endurance prospect, has all of the important characteristics we look for in a competitive endurance horse

She is a very sweet, affectionate mare that likes attention and will come running to you in the pasture. She has correct, balanced conformation with very strong hindquarters and shoulders and beautiful fluid smooth gaits. She is a wide-bodied horse with a very athletic build. Compare her confirmation to the gelding called Bearcat on our Sales Page 2. She looks like a miniature Bearcat. He was also a grandson of The Minstril on the dam’s side. Bear is a super endurance horse and placed 9th at Tevis in 2009, so we think she has a lot of potential in endurance. She is used to being hauled, bathed, tied, etc.

Maelor has been shown training and first level dressage with scores up to 67%, but her owner and trainer feel that she does not like the collection work required above 1st level or working in small circles. So, they are recommending a career change for her. But, the dressage training is very good basic training for all horses. She would also be really fun for someone that preferred trail or endurance riding, but would like to improve their riding skills by taking training level dressage lessons. She also enjoys jumping, but has difficulty with larger jumps so we don’t recommend her for someone that mainly wants a jumper.

Maelor really enjoys riding outside the arena. She is eager to please and will go anywhere you ask. She is brave and will go through creeks and jump logs. Her other characteristic that makes us think she has great endurance potential, is that she is an easy keeper and will start grazing or eating every chance she gets. She will be working really hard one second and the next second she is devouring all the grass she can. She is also very well trained and easy to ride. Watch the expression on her face as she climbs and descends the steep hill in the video and jumps the small logs. You can tell she is having a blast. An intermediate rider will have loads of fun on this horse. Give us a call if you would like to take a spin and try her out.



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