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WPTR Jetstar


  • Completed 2 AERC 25-mile rides, Oct 98 and Jan 99, ridden by his former owner, Alice Morgan
  • Many miles of trail riding by a Junior rider
  • Fun kids horse
  • 14 hands 3 inches, currently 950 lbs, 7 ½” front and 8 ½” rear canon bones
  • Foaled 4-23-92


Jetstar, or “Glory”, was started in endurance riding as a 6 yr old. His current owners purchased him and rode as a family in one AERC 25-mile ride, the Blue Bonnet, at the LBJ National Grasslands. Glory really knows that his job is to travel down the trail. So, he became the horse of the younger daughter. She always felt completely safe riding Glory, even though he has a big trot when he heads down the trail. He really knows his job. He is also sure-footed and will follow the trail or the horse in front of him. She can even do handstands on him and ride him backwards. He is used to the games children play with their horses. Because of his fast trot he is not appropriate for a timid child that hasn’t ridden in the past. He would be great for a child that wants to trail or endurance ride with their parents or their friends and ride on a mature horse that can be a lot of fun and still has a lot of get-up-and-go. His current owner is now 16 and has not ridden him much lately, so he has gained quite a bit of weight on their green grass. He will need a conditioning program before he goes on any long rides, but that is perfect for getting to know your new horse.



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