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Jalisco Gold
15H Palomino Half Arabian

 Triple Registered - Half-Arabian, Morab, Palomino
 6 months Professional Dressage Training
 5 months Professional Reining Training
 Morgan Sire is a 4th Level Dressage Horse
 Wonderful disposition

''Jali'', pronounced ''Jolly'', is a beautiful Palomino with 11 months of professional training. His initial ground work and 6 months of training was with a professional Dressage trainer, who mainly works with warmbloods. His owner shows Western Pleasure and Reining, so she next sent him to John O'Hara for 5 months of Reining training. John O'Hara is a multiple winner of the National Working Western Trainer of the Year award for Arabian horses. He is currently training for the NRHA circuit. So, this horse has had very good training. John felt that he was either too immature at this time or simply would not make a National Level Reining show horse, because he wants to lift his head when loping on a loose rein. John did however think he would make an excellent working cow horse or team penning prospect. He moves well and the cattle work would focus his attention. His owner has decided to let him go, because she already has 2 show horses performing very well in the show ring. Jali's dam and dam's sire were Arabian, Class A Champion Western Pleasure show horses. Jali's Morgan sire is a 4th level dressage horse and has passed on his excellent balanced conformation to him. He definitely has the build, conformation and movement to do well in either Dressage or working western events. Since Jali's most recent training was as a reining horse, if you chose to continue with his dressage training he would need to be taught to work on the bit, because he is not used to constant contact. Jali is a willing horse and at 4 yrs old it should not take long to complete his training, whichever direction you choose to continue. He is very eye catching and will really stand out in the show ring. With his conformation, willing attitude, beautiful color and gorgeous mane and tail he would also be an outstanding drill team or parade horse. He has not had any training on the trail and will be spooky initially on the trail, but with his good mind and training he would also do well in competitive trail or just look beautiful going down the trail with his new owner. This is a beautiful young horse with good basic training, a willing attitude, no vices or unsoundness and loads of potential. He is ready to move forward in his next career.

Jalisco Gold
MEMC Tequila Cuervo
Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle
Triple S Red Carmen
Twin Pines Sara Elm Crest Squire
Mrs. O
TF Charm Celebrationn *Nariadni
Aaraffla Sprucehill Aaraff

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Under Saddle Ring Work (1600Kb Windows Media Video)

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