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Isosceles TA
Foaled June 3, 2000

Champion 1st Level Dressage

  • Class A Champion 1st Level Test 4 Open Dressage in 2008
  • 2007 Dallas Dressage Club Schooling Show Training Level Horse of the Year
  • Sweepstakes Nominated
  • 34 points towards the 75 points required for Legion of Honor
  • 15.3 hands, 1050 lb heart girth
  • Wears size 1 shoe on front and size 2 on back
  • 8” Canon bone in front, 9” canon bone in back


Isosceles is Selena’s personal show horse that she purchased as an untrained 4-year-old, specifically as a dressage prospect. He is very sweet and willing. The most common question we hear at shows is “Is he part warm-blood”? He is a pure polish, pure-bred Arabian from show horse bloodlines. He is the youngest of 6 full brothers that have all done extremely well in the show ring in various other classes such as hunter, show hack, and country english pleasure. His large size and flashy dark bay color with white socks make him really look good in dressage tack. Hank started him under saddle and for the first 2 and ½ years of his training he was ridden on quiet trail rides, in dressage clinics and lessons, schooling shows and a few class A shows. After placing 1st and 2nd in classes of 9 and 10 horses in Training Level at the Cowtown Classic in March of 2007, I decided I had taken him as far as I could with out more help from a professional dressage trainer. From the Spring of 07 through August 08 he was in training with Liz Petty. We both improved at sitting trot and leg yielding necessary to do well in 1st level. His show video is of the Cowtown Classic in March of 2008 with Liz Petty riding. He received a winning score of 66%, with an 8 and a 9 on his trot leg yields. He can now also perform shoulder-in, traver and renvers at the trot, canter from the walk, and simple changes of lead, which are required in 2nd level. Since Isosceles has come back home, we have had the opportunity to take him back out on the trail. I am also still continuing to go to clinics and dressage lessons with him. You can see him canter from the walk on a loose rein in his trail video. He is very calm and responsive on the trail. He leads down the trail, listens to his rider, and is very responsive. If he spooks on trail, he spooks in place and will walk past the scary object at the rider’s request. Iso sceles will be best suited for a student of dressage looking for a beautiful personal horse that is a real pleasure to ride. You must have light hands and be able to give soft, clear aids. He is also capable of endurance and we plan to continue conditioning him on the trail to get him ready for a slow 25-mile ride (at a dressage “working trot” speed). We now have 3 Envoy get turning 4 years old that are ready to be put under saddle (and move into a stall). To make time and room for them, I have decided to give up my show horse to the right person. E-mail me for a copy of his official show record from the Region 9 Arabian shows.

Isoceles TA
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