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Hot Lips Houlihan
March 11 2002 15.1H Chestnut Arabian Filly

 Professionally trained
 Good Trail Experience
 Gentle, sweet and intelligent
 Great Endurance & Competitive Trail Prospect

Houlihan is well started under saddle and has solid trail experience. She actually prefers riding on the trail to her arena work days. She stands perfectly still and calm for tacking up and mounting/dismounting, like she has been doing it for years. She loves being groomed, bathed and pampered, especially when treats are involved. Houlihan is a very gentle, intelligent mare and when presented with a cue or something new that she doesn't quite understand, she will stop and consider it before deciding how to respond. She already knows leg cues for turn on the forehand and leg yielding at the walk. She has never misbehaved during her training. In fact, she is so intelligent that she has become a ''barn houdini'' and can open any gate that is not locked. She will walk up to the gate, grasp the handle in her lips, slide it back, and nudge the gate with her nose until it opens, no trial and error fiddling for her. Houlihan is a nice sized mare, already 15.1 hands and 1000 lbs. We expect her to grow to at least 15.2. Her sire is 15.3, but her dam is only 14.3. She didn't get her mother's height, but she did get her big stride at the trot. We think she will make an excellent competitive trail or multi-day endurance horse, because she doesn't get excited or nervous. She just gets a happy expression and trots on down the trail. Houlihan's sire is a stakes winner that won over $40,000 on the race track. Her dam is also race bred, but never raced, although she did do some limited distance endurance riding. You can see her dam on our web site also. Houlihan does not become difficult during her heat cycle, gets along well with other horses (not the ''bottom'' and not the ''top'' mare in the pasture) and is very sweet to the weanlings in her pasture.


Hot Lips Houlihan SGR Vayu
Brusally Zbrenua *Zbrucz
Elegant Lady TQ Wroclaw Essquire
MHR Warszawa
Corzandra YAS Orzel
Eldans Cassie
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