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Devi Lal KBC
Barn Name - Habibi
¾ Andalusian / ¼ Arabian Dark Bay Gelding

· Foaled June 10, 2005
· 15.2 hands, 1100 lbs
· Very smooth, easy to sit trot
· Sired by 2008 National Champion Teodoro's Hechizo
· Registered Half-Andalusian

Devi Lal, barn name Habibi, is a very cool horse with a great personality. He really wants to bond with his person and likes to look you in the eye to make that connection.
He has been in training with us at Spirit of Texas Arabians since September 2013. He will cross tie, tie to the trailer, bathe, stands quietly for the farrier, loads and unloads easily from the trailer, and comes to you when you call him. We have been riding him once a week in the arena and once or twice a week on trail and trail obstacles. Habibi has the smoothest gaits we have ever ridden. He will side pass at the walk, leg yield at the trot, turn on the forehand and turn on the hindquarters and knows his canter leads. You can easily adjust his speed at all 3 gaits. When he gets excited he can even trot in place or canter as slow as most horses walk. He will back up through our L shape obstacle, trot over poles 12" off the ground, jump logs on the trail, sidepass over a ground pole, and cross over the wooden bridge that is over a deep ravine. He also does a good job opening and closing gates competitive trail style with the rider not taking their hand off the gate. He prefers to lead on the trail. He is confident while leading or riding alone on the trail. If you are following he can get anxious and jig, but he will walk when you ask for it. In the arena we are working on maintaining a steady tempo and consistent bit contact using dressage patterns. His trot is very easy to sit. He already responds promptly to the aids and just needs more frequent arena work to be ready for his first dressage show. All he needs to be ready for his first NATRC ride is a few longer-mileage conditioning rides. We really think he is a perfect candidate for the Working Equitation classes (a combination of trail obstacles, dressage & sometimes working cow horse) – either at the Andalusian or the all-breed shows.
Habibi is a very sensitive horse and easily picks up on his rider's mood or emotions. He tries really hard to get everything right and gets a very happy "pleased with himself" expression whenever he does a good job with something new. He is very intelligent and learns really quickly. Habibi responds really well to "good boy" or let's try that again, but will become anxious if you raise your voice or become frustrated. He really listens to your seat and legs and understands voice commands, so he will instantly respond to light cues. Like most Andalusians, he is a strong sensitive horse with a lot of power, so he is not a horse for a beginner. You need to be able to sit quietly, have good hands and have a calm, confident manner. He never does anything wrong so you don't need to be an expert rider, just someone with confidence that knows how to ride correctly. He would be perfect for someone that wants a smooth horse for trail competitions and/or would enjoy learning dressage on a classical baroque type horse with natural collection. Also like most Andalusians, Habibi is an easy keeper and should not be out on green pastures 24/7, but he does need his out-time to be with other horses.
Habibi was sired by Teodoro's Hechizo that swept the Andalusian National Championships of 2004 and 2008, winning Dressage Suitability and 5 other National Titles. Teodoro's Hechizo is also a Pura Raza Espanola PRE approved breeding stallion. Teodoro is currently a 3rd level dressage horse and won the Houston Dressage Society Spring Classic 2nd Level Muscial Freestyle with a score of 79.176%. Teodoro's get are known for their wonderful temperament, willing mind and trainability and Habibi is a perfect example. His dam is a Half-Andalusian, Half-Arabian mare that was her owner's favorite riding horse, even though she owned 12 other horses including Andalusians, Friesians and a Rocky Mountain horse.




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