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Genghis Kong


  • Perfect Endurance Prospect for the Heavy Weight Rider
  • Foaled March 30, 2001
  • ¾ French and ¼ Polish Purebred Arabian Gelding
  • 15.3 Hands, 1050 lbs
  • 8 ½” front Canon Bones, 9 ¼” rear Canon Bones
  • Big and Powerful, with large bones and large hooves
  • Steady on the trails

Genghis Kong can carry a 180 or 200 lb man with ease on the trail. He will maintain a steady pace, traveling the speed his rider has requested and rarely spooks. He was in our barn for a short time and behaved very well every time he was ridden. He will lead, follow or travel in the middle of the group without complaint. He likes having a job and is easy to catch in the pasture. He has very good ground manners and will stand quietly for tacking up, working with his feet, bathing, clipping, etc. Genghis Kong did very well on the racetrack, but has been away from the track now for 3 years. He has been kept on pasture for the past 3 years, ridden on trails and has had periodic basic dressage work. The only indication when you are riding him that he was on the track at one time is when using “reins only” to ask for a stop or change to a slower gait, you have to use a firm pull. But, if you also give a voice command and change the way you are riding (stop posting the trot or sit for a halt), he understands better what you want and will respond with lighter rein contact. He listens to his rider and tries to do whatever you ask of him. He has a calm temperament and a big long ground covering stride. The only thing he needs is some conditioning to be ready for his first competition. He will work best for an intermediate rider that can post the trot. He is calm enough for a beginner, but he will easily speed up the pace from a light cue and you can feel that he has a lot of power when you ask him to go. So, he would not be a good choice for a beginning or occasional rider that might accidentally cue him to go faster. Genghis Kong will make someone a great partner for endurance, competitive trail or trail riding. He is also a good prospect for someone that would like to continue his dressage training.




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