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Fooled Ya
Barn Name “Fleet”

  • 15.3 Hands, 1000 lbs, Arabian Gelding
  • Size 1 shoe, Front Cannons, Rear Cannons
  • Foaled 4/1/2000
  • Endurance prospect for the competitive rider
  • Breeders Sweepstakes
  • Sired by K A Czubuthan, leading race sire and winner of over $100,000

Fooled Ya or Fleet is what we call “a lot of horse”. He is tall, big and strong and loves to be in the lead and win. We measure our horses with a stick with a level, so he is a true 15.3. He never spooks and does not have any bad habits or vices. He does not buck, rear or kick other horses while you are riding. He has perfect ground manners and gets along great with all of the other geldings in the pasture. He has a sweet disposition and a soft eye when you are working with him on the ground. But, when you mount you better be ready to ride. He insists on being in the lead even on training rides and will look another horse in the eye if they try to pass. He will have a gleam in his eye and an “I can beat you” expression on his face. He was on the racetrack for 5 years, ran 38 races and retired sound. He apparently loved his job. Our training has focused on asking him to listen to the rider and walk (not jig), trot, canter and slow down when requested as well as stand still for mounting. If you ride him alone he is manageable in all gaits and will walk and trot whenever you ask. He is no different if you ride him with 2 or 3 horses following him, but the more horses in the group, the faster he will want to go. If another horse trots past him and takes the lead while he is walking on the trail, he will begin cantering and can practically canter in place pulling on the reins telling the rider it is time to pass and get the lead back.


He will probably work best for the endurance rider who wants to ride up front in rides and has the time to condition him to do that before they enter him in his first ride. Hank did take him in one 25-mile ride in March 2009 by waiting until all horses had left camp, which allowed him to rate him better. He ate and drank in camp and on trail and was relaxed in camp. He did not get upset when the other horses in our camp left to go out on trail. But, he took a misstep in the deep sand and pulled lame, so they did not finish. We are offering Fleet at a low price, because he needs a skilled rider and more conditioning. We are mostly interested in getting him a good home with the right person.




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