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Justaflame R
Chestnut Arabian Sweepstakes Gelding
Birth Date: 04-21-2000
Height: 15.0 hands

  • Region 15 Top Five Halter Horse
  • 2 Years Professional Training Under Saddle
  • Currently Ridden by a 13 Yr old girl
  • Great horse for a good youth rider
  • Ready for 25-mile Limited Distance Endurance Rides
  • Also Ready to Show in Country English Pleasure
  • 1st 3 Generations of his pedigree: 7 Natl & Res Natl Champions
  • Sire's Get - 92% Nat'l Top 10, 48% Nat'l Ch in US & Canada
  • Dam is Reserve Nat'l Champion Country English Pleasure


Justaflame is a gorgeous horse with a playful spirit, and a show-off look at me attitude. He has had 2 years of professional training under saddle and is currently being ridden by a 13 yr old girl, Victoria. Click on his trail video clip to watch her ride her favorite lesson horse. He will canter on the correct lead from the walk and has a beautiful naturally upright canter perfect for the show ring. He will also walk on a loose rein, back, and changes gaits willingly and immediately on cue. He does not have any bad habits or behavioral problems and his ground manners are excellent. He hauls easily, bathes, crossties, clips, etc. Not only could he be your next show horse, he could also double as your trail horse. Justaflame is ridden frequently on the trail and through brush. We will be entering him in his first 25-mile limited distance endurance ride in December. He does so well outdoors, including stopping and spinning in quick turns that Hank selected him as his mount for a 3-day working cow horse clinic. He had never seen a cow before, but he loved working the cows and 2 people commented that he was the most beautiful horse they had ever seen. His sire, Justafire DGL has been on the leading sire list in 4 categories for several years. 92% of his get that have been shown have placed Top Ten at Nationals. 48% are National Champions of Canada and the U.S. and 16% are Reserve National Champions. Justaflame's dam was a Reserve National Champion in Country English Pleasure. Take a look at his bloodlines below. In the 1st 3 generations, 7 of the horses are either National Champions or Reserve National Champions. Justaflame is very proud of himself and it shows. His personality will give him that extra edge in the show ring. His flaxen mane hangs down to his shoulder and his tail is thick and long. We have not put show shoes on him yet. If you are interested in a Country English Pleasure horse, he will need show shoes and trimming for a longer foot to enhance his stride. If you are looking for a beautiful trail horse that is a lot of fun to ride he is ready to go.

Justaflame R
Justafire DGL
Afire Bey V Huckleberry Bey
Autumn Fire
MC Justa Kate The Chief Justice

Bandita DGL
Huckleberry Bey Bey El Bey
Baskazelle *Bask
An Fancy Free

Photo Album
In Hand VideoClip (748Kb - Flash 7 Video Clip)
Liberty Clip (1260 Kb - Flash 7 Video Clip)
Liberty Clip (2600 Kb - Windows Media Video File Longer Version)
Under Saddle Video #1 (1600 Kb - Flash 7 Video Clip )
Under Saddle Video #2 (1100 Kb - Flash 7 Video Clip )
Under Saddle Video #1 and #2 (1900 Kb - Windows Media Video File Longer Version)
Under Saddle on the Trail (1900 Kb - Windows Media Video File ) or Flash7 Version

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