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Grey Arabian Stallion
Birth Date: 05/11/1995
Height: 15.1H
AHR # 0525646

  • 1998 Texas Accredited Race Colt of the Year
  • 1999 Texas Accredited Race Colt of the Year
  • 2000 Region IX Top Five Halter Stallion
  • 2002 Champion Hunter Pleasure
  • Shown by a 16 yr old girl
  • Now in Endurance and Reining Training
  • 15.1 hands, 8 ½" front Cannon Bones
  • Sired by Origan, Polish National Racing Champion
    Out of a Bandos daughter
Envoy BBF Origan Parys Tryptykl
Orgia Krezus
Enwy *Bandos PASB Negatiw
*Enora Czort
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Spirit of Texas Arabians
Hank and Selena Copeland
2219 C R 2690, Alvord, TX 76225
Phone: Hank 972-571-0610, Selena 214-793-0311
Email: spirittxarabians@aol.com