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15H April 4 1998 Chestnut Arabian Mare

 Ridden on overnight trail rides
 Stands tied to the trailer overnight
 Crosses creeks, wooden bridges
 Excellent Competitive Trail Prospect
 Sweepstakes Nominated

Diva is an excellent Competitive Trail prospect. Her owner raised her from a foal and has ridden her in her 100 acre pasture and on local and out of state trails for 3 years. She hauls easily and camps well, standing tied to the trailer all night. She has a calm nature and is a submissive horse in the pasture. So, she prefers to follow the lead horses quietly down the trail. Her owner has mostly ridden her at a walk trot competitive trail pace on the trail, but she has done some canter work with her. She has ridden her through the rocky trails at Robbers Cave in Oklahoma and she did quite well with the difficult terrain. She is Sweepstakes Nominated, so she is eligible for prize money in Competitive Trail events. All she needs is more training on her obstacles and conditioning to get ready for her first competition. Watch her video clips on our website. She will do a slow trot that is easy to sit. Her owner rides her with a Stubben dressage style saddle with cantle attachments for the english style cantle packs. The saddle fits her like a glove and the owner is willing to sell the saddle with the horse.
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Photo Album
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Trail Video Clip #2 (2500 Kb Windows Media Video)

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