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ZE Ebony Star

Black Arabian Mare currently competing in Endurance
(Al Bahim x Zeaga KHA Sheba)

  • Completed a 35 mile endurance ride in Fort Stanton, NM July 15, 2012
  • Competed 1 Competitive Trail in 2007 and 1 in 2008
  • Completed 15 out of 16 LD Endurance Rides from 2005 through 2009
  • Trained by Owner’s husband who is a professional Eventing Trainer
  • Schooled in basic dressage, over small jumps and cavaletti
  • Sire and Dam are both Black
  • Foaled April 20, 1999
  • 14.2 Hands, 900 lbs, 7 1/2” front cannon bones, 8” rear cannon bones

Star is a very well trained mare that is easy to handle and manage. Star was originally sent to her current owners by the breeder to be trained and develop a competition record. When Star’s breeders passed away her current owners had enjoyed competing on her so much they decided to keep her. Star is a competitive mare that likes to work and have a job. She loves going down the trail and moves out with ears forward and a happy expression on her face. She has a smooth trot and is really a joy to ride. She was ridden in both competitive trail competitions and limited distance endurance rides for 5 years and really knows her job. Her owner stopped competing on her in 2009 due to her personal health and after her recovery began competing on another horse they own. She is for sale because they currently own 14 horses and would like to reduce the number of horses they own to a few retired horses and a couple of competition horses. She completed 15 out of 16 limited distance endurance rides from April of 2009 through April of 2011. Her one pull was in 2006 and she went on to complete 9 other rides that year. She was ridden in a conservative 4 to 5 hour ride time similar to a competitive trail pace, because her owner likes to compete in both types of events. She is a very sweet, beautiful true black mare. These photos were taken at the end of July after being out on pasture all summer and you can see that she has retained her black color. (Her owner says she has since enough to graze in the shade during the heat of the day.) She will come to you in the pasture and is always eager to go riding. She has perfect ground manners and hauls well. Star also has good legs and feet and great confirmation. If you are looking for a ready-made well-trained horse for trail competitions, she is perfect. This mare needs a real partner that will continue to use her in competitions and take advantage of all her great training.

No Longer Available

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