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Doc Hollywood

March 9 1994 15.2 hands Grey Half Arabian Gelding

Doc Hollywood is ready for a new job. He has been shown extensively on the Class A Show Circuit in English Pleasure. He has great presence and is very forward moving with a big stride. He is 15.2 and rides like a big horse. He is very capable of carrying a middle weight or even heavy weight rider. He would also be suitable for a tall rider. With his upright neck, he appears even taller and bigger than he is. Doc hauls well and has no stall vices. He also has great ground manners and will come to you in the pasture. (He also loves his Peppermint treats.) When being ridden, he can get excited when you ask him for his big show ring trot and canter. He is very light mouthed too. So, you need to be relaxed, confident, have light hands and ride with balance (no hanging on the reins). Doc can get wound up in the show ring, but is more relaxed on the trail. Take his English Pleasure show shoes off, put him in a light snaffle, and take him on the trail and you will have a horse that is a lot of fun to ride. He will be ready to go whenever you are and will move down the trail with energy and a great attitude. Doc likes to GO. His current owner feels that Doc is ready for a break from the stress of the show ring. We think he will make a really good endurance prospect for someone wanting a well trained horse that just needs more trail exposure and conditioning. If you like a big strong horse that loves to go, but has a light mouth and is sensitive to cues, you have to give this horse a try.
Doc Hollywood London Calling
Living Gold
Ivory Coast Eskalibor

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