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May 28 1998 Bay Arabian Mare
AHR 0556845

* 3 years experience in NATRC Competitive Trail competitions
* Completed 1 Limited Distance AERC Endurance Ride
* Eats and drinks great on the trail, camps very well
* Gentle, calm and easy to handle
* Very sweet disposition
* True 15.2 hands with very correct conformation

Diamond is a real gem - and definitely not what we would call "in the rough". She will make a perfect companion for someone wanting a very well trained, affectionate, sweet mare. You won't find better trail experience on a horse this young. Even if you have no plans to compete, you can feel comfortable knowing that your mare has had a lot of very good trail experience and been trained with very correct methods. Her current owner is a very experienced rider and spent a lot of time training her. She has always ridden her english, so she is easy to put her "on the bit". But, as you can see from the videos, she also rides very well on a loose western rein. Watch the cavaletti video clip. She really watches where she is going and still maintains an even cadance at the walk and trot. If you ride with friends on Quarter horses that like to go at a slow walk and jog trot, she will stay right with them. The next weekend, you can take her out with your friends that ride Arabians in endurance and she has the ability and will to keep up with them. She is race bred and has very athletic conformation with large bones and good feet, so she should remain sound for years. She would make a very nice horse for an adult wanting to get back to riding with a very well trained horse that they can ride for another 15 to 20 years. In 2003, Diamond was in the ribbons at every ride and was Champion twice in the Novice Division. In 2004, she competed in the Open Division, but her owner mainly used the rides as conditioning rides for endurance and was not concerned about obstacle performance. With additional obstacle training, she should be a Champion in the Open Division also.


DiamondInThe Rough Renaisance *Mellon
EW Rema
Sahibers Diamond
Tiki Sahiber Ku

Photo Album
November 2004 Trotting Flash Video Clip (785 Kb)
November 2004 Trotting/Cantering Flash Video Clip (760 Kb)

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