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  • 10 Yr old Half Quarter horse / Half Arabian Mare
  • 15 hands, 1000 lbs
  • Professionally trained for trail riding and trail obstacles
  • Used as a lesson horse for western riding lessons for intermediate riders
  • Rides English and Western
  • Sweet & personable, easy to catch


Daylight was bred, raised and trained by a good friend of ours. She intended to have her become her young daughter's future endurance horse. Beth was an endurance rider and taught riding lessons to children. She put Daylight under saddle and started her on quiet trail rides, while her daughter continued to ride her pony.

Sadly, Beth was diagnosed with cancer and when she passed away, she gave Daylight to another good friend of ours. She continued to keep her at the same boarding stable for a few years. During that time, she spent 30 days with a reining horse trainer and then the trainer at the boarding stable used her for western riding lessons for kids that were intermediate riders.

Her current owner later moved to her own place with acreage. October 2015 she placed her in training with us and in December decided to sell her to someone that will provide a really good home and have more time to ride her.

We have been taking her on trail rides once or twice a week, training her on obstacles, and doing general arena work. She hauls well, cross ties, bathes, stands quietly for the farrier and for tacking up. Her favorite thing is trail riding. She loves to lead and has only spooked one time during all those rides. She has a relaxed big moving walk with ears forward as she looks forward down the trail. She also thinks the obstacles are fun and quickly catches on to what you want her to do.

We think she would make a wonderful partner for someone wanting a really nice trail horse. Also, as Beth originally thought, she would be a really fun little mare for a kid that is ready to move up from their pony. We don't recommend her for someone that is a beginner without much riding time, but she would be good for an advanced beginner or lower intermediate rider. We also do not recommend her for endurance, arena speed events or jumping.

She is used to shelter in the winter and a good blanket. She is not aggressive or "mareish" and gets along great with other horses in the pasture. Daylight is an easy keeper and will not be able to stay on green grass 24/7, but we do want her to have turn-out. She will only be sold to a home that we think our friend Beth would approve. She sells for such a low price, because sometime during her life the paperwork to register her was lost. However, we do have the veterinary records from the time she was a yearling.

You can try her out in our indoor or outdoor arena, on our obstacles and on the trails just outside our gate on the LBJ National Grasslands.




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