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LL Cruzin Altitude
March 10 1992 Grey Half-Arabian Gelding
3A 314752
8" Front Cannon Bones
9"Rear Cannon Bones

  • 15.2 hd grey gelding
  • 13 yr old gelding, Foaled 3-10-92
  • 7/8 Arabian
  • Sweepstakes Nominated
  • Jumps 2 ft 6 inches with ease and loves it
  • Dressage Trained
  • Ridden by a 12 yr old student 
  • Completed three 50-mile & two 25-mile AERC Endurance Rides
  • Placed Top 5 IAHA Half-Arab in 2002 Blue Bonnet (5 hrs 21 min)
  • Can easily carry a Heavy Weight Rider

Cruizin Altitude, A.K.A. “Stilts”, has had very good training in dressage (training level), jumping, and endurance riding. He is a large boned horse with 8” front canon bones and 9” rear canon bones and could easily carry a taller, heavier rider. If you are looking for a mature horse with good training that you could do competitive trail or multi-day rides at a middle-of-the-pack steady pace mile after mile, Stilts would be a good horse to consider. The owner has not competed in any rides since 2002 (after becoming lost and discouraged on her last 50), so he would need conditioning before entering a competition. He also has good movement for dressage and he loves jumping. She has been jumping him 2 ft 6 inches and he looks like he could go higher if asked. So, if you are looking for a good steady horse to take jumping and dressage lesson on, he would be a nice candidate. Stilts has good ground manners and is easy to haul. His owner is decreasing the number of horses she owns and is starting with the horses that have the most training. We think Stilts would be a great horse for someone looking for a well-trained horse to compete with or a horse to help them get safely back into riding after a few years away from the sport. It is common to see people competing on Arabian horses that are well into their 20s and a well-trained mature horse is a great horse to inspire confidence in guest riders or people being introduced to the sport.




LL Cruzin Altitude
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