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Adads Secret
1991 Bay Half-Arabian Gelding
HAHR 1A302120

  • Champion First Level Dressage Horse* 6 First Level Dressage Scores from 60 to 65.8 at USDF recognized shows
  • USDF Performance Award for 10 Training Level Dressage Scores of 60% or better at USDF Recognized Competitions
  • Solid on Second Level movements that he is schooling at home
  • Great horse for someone that wants to learn Dressage on a safe well-trained horse that really knows his stuff 
  • Permanent USDF Horse Number
  • Lifetime American Horse Shows Association (now USAE) Certificate Number
  • 16.2 hands
Adads Secret (barn name "Rhett") is a very well trained Dressage horse that has a show record that speaks for itself. It is much easier to learn dressage and excel in the show ring on a horse that is already working at second level and can breeze through the lower level classes to help his new owner learn the sport. He is a calm steady horse that you can easily learn sitting trot on. He would also make a good school master horse for a dressage instructor that wants to teach students on a large, well trained mount. Rhett is currently owned by a retired school teacher that since her retirement has decided the expense in our Dallas area of boarding, lessons and showing is just too much to afford on a teacher's retirement income. Otherwise she would keep him forever, because he is the perfect horse for her.
His dam was an unregistered thoroughbred type mare, which explains his large size. Because Rhett is Registered as a Half-Arabian you can show him not only at USDF shows, but at the Arabian shows also. We have several trainers in the Dallas area that specialize in Arabian dressage horses (and go to all of the Arabian shows) that could really help someone new to dressage to excel and do really well in the show ring on a horse of this caliber. A large Half-Arabian really stands out at the Arabian shows, too.
Click on Rhett's videos below to see: shoulder-in, haunches-in and leg yielding at the trot, lengthened trot, trot on a 10-meter circle, simple canter lead changes through walk, counter canter, flying lead change in the corner of the arena, walk pirouettes, and a perfectly square halt.  
Give us a call to arrange a test ride. If you have a dressage trainer that you are working with, you are welcome to bring them along for the evaluation.


Adads Secret
Makor Galero
Rachida Rustan
Secret Society
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