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Oliver Swift
AERC # 46062

  • Completed 7 AERC Limited Distance Rides with no pulls
  • Pure Polish race bred gelding by stakes winner Iknow Iknow
  • 15.1 hands, 1000+ lbs in fit condition, fits a Sharon Saare D tree
  • Resting pulse 26, fast recoveries, eats and drinks very well
  • Fits size 1 easy boot, has very correct legs and hooves
  • Very well trained - Personal horse of a professional trainer for last 2 years
  • Foaled 4-7-2005

Hank acquired Oliver Swift, barn name Scout, in May of 2011, because he likes athletic horses and a training challenge. At that time he was owned by an FEI rider who really thought he had a lot of potential, but was too difficult to ride. He also has identical measurements and a very similar personality to one of Hank's all-time favorite endurance horses, BA Bearacat, so we agree that he has a lot of potential. (Bear is close to 3000 miles of endurance, completed 5 100s, was 1st & BC in the Virginia City 100, 9th place in his 1st Tevis and 16th in his next 2 Tevis rides.)

Scout has great confirmation, with powerful hindquarters and smooth gaits. He is an alpha horse that likes to be in charge. He will probably be the dominant horse regardless of who is in his pasture and he also wants to be the lead horse on trail. He is competitive and determined to run up front and would do well for a competent rider that enjoys a strong, powerful front-running horse.

You can see in his video that when he is in the arena or on the trail alone he is calm and relaxed. Hank and his previous owner were able to ride him in slow rides to start him out in endurance and teach him that the rider makes the decisions. They did that by leaving camp after everyone else was out of sight and not allowing him to see or catch up to the front runners. We think the best way to manage him in a ride would be to have him in top condition so that he can run up front without too much of an argument from the rider. On his last 2 rides, Hank rode with a client that needed to ride at the back of the ride to be able to finish. So, he left camp several minutes after the last horse was out of sight. Scout can be managed to do a slower ride when necessary, but his personality and athleticism are best suited to a competitive endurance rider that enjoys a strong, powerful front-running horse.

The 2 years of training have paid off. He will move sideways from the leg, does a nice trot leg yield, side passes, backs up, does turn on the forehand, turn on the hindquarters, jumps small jumps, will do flying lead changes on request, and behaves on trail. His gaits are smooth and he feels like a powerful horse in motion.

He can easily carry a middleweight rider. We think he is a great candidate to be a good FEI level 100-miler or a strong multi-day horse. He not only would have the desire to win, but would eat and drink in camp and at all the holds.

Scout is very easy to handle on the ground, has perfect ground manners and is an affectionate horse that likes attention. He loads & unloads, hauls great, cross ties, etc. If you give him a couple of months off he will crow hop at the canter when you start conditioning him again and like most Arabians he sometimes spooks, so he will do best with a confident assertive rider.

Hank owns 3 personal endurance horses, Oliver Swift, HSC Strike Force and HSC The Shooter. Now that Scout is trained and ready to become a top competitor, he wants to focus on competing the 2 horses we raised and get back to riding his stallion, Envoy BBF++. We would enjoy seeing Scout go to a good endurance home and hearing about all his future accomplishments and knowing we had a hand in getting him ready for a great career.


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